Created on the open-source platform Mozilla HUBs, Cyborg is a choose your own adventure experience in a 3-D virtual city which you will move your avatar through to explore the digitally enhanced imagination of identity.  This abstract narrative realizes the function of fantasy with virtual architecture organizing 30 idiosyncratic digital spaces. One will encounter life-size chimeric bodies, territorial A.I. non-human inhabitants, and prompts including questions that led to concepts of virtual physicality as a catharsis that constitute real-life behavioral desires and fantasies. Virtual environments thus far are relatively unregulated - un-policed spaces. Virtual space is a sanctuary of freedom from social constructs in real life (fertile ground for problematic relations). This liberty will not reign indefinitely. Cyborg imagines the repressive qualities of ubiquitous digital regulation in a virtually enhanced future where fantasies become forbidden. Meanwhile, it remains optimistic about the potential of technologically enhanced imaginative capacity born out of the collaboration between artificially physical and organically physical experiences - before the need for virtual health insurance.

1. Select (Allow) for Microphone access when prompted
2. Select ( Join Room ) then select (Enter Room)
3. Use your mouse to look around the space by left clicking, then dragging.
4. Use WASD keys on your keyboard to move your Avatar's physical position in the room.
5. Or copy the link and view the rooms in your VR headset.
6. Press G to make your Avatar float. 
If a link is broken, left click and hold space bar to reveal link