Born in Generation Z, a product of American culture, I AWOKE to a technological revolution turning humanity into a globally connected society. These technologies’ terrific POWER make it essential for cultures and branches of human knowledge to find symbiotic relation during this pivotal HISTORICAL moment. In 1937, Einstein wrote, “All religions, arts, and sciences are branches of the same tree.” This COLLECTIVE growth we move toward is answering the eternal question, what does it mean to be human? And how do we live TOGETHER How religions, arts, and sciences in our global society work toward this question or lose sight of it, can be captured, PRESERVED, and projected for the betterment of civilizations to come. Acknowledging each citizen has their own desire to express, be heard, and belong; I see my audience not as consumers, but FREE intellects. Rather than being a “director”, I strive not to pass judgment on a subject, but LISTEN through the lens to witness the beautifully paradoxical truth of the world. The inherent mystery of our true story involves quantum mechanics, general relativity, and our dream’s infinite possibility. I work as an artist, not to serve my identity, but to SERVE God (or truth), however one defines it. This mission, to capture the inevitable, preserve the incomprehensible, and share the nearly impossible miracle of being alive, I hold with great RESPONSIBILITY. Industrial influences on climate change, the potential of viral threats, systemic oppression of critical voices, and technological exploitation are just a few universal issues putting our species' future at RISK of collapse. Only in synchronization can we rise to humanities potential. This call for global unification and is the art MOVEMENT of our time. I have faith the day will come, where we will own our history with grace and humility. Each of us need to heal for the sake of one another. Our CURES live in our narratives.